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Two Months at Wealthy Affiliate Update.

Two Months at Wealthy Affiliate Update.

It’s been a great couple months in Wealthy Affiliate despite the fact I am just finishing up with Module 2 today.

I came to Wealthy Affiliate after more than 10 years bloggingand can honestly say I could have used the Wealthy Affiliate University years ago. It was a program always on my mind but not in my budget for such a long time until a friend and colleague joined and told me about some of…

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— 1 week ago
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What will I blog about?

What will I blog about?

This week in our continued training on developing a blog to drive sales we will be discussing the question, “What will I blog about?”.

Every person on this planet is different from the day we are born through trials in life and personal growth. We all have different interest but given the number of people in this world, for every interest there are millions of people that share it. Your interest…

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— 3 weeks ago
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Robin Williams a Brother in Depression

Robin Williams a Brother in Depression

Holy Crap Robin Williams!!! Holy Crap Robin Williams

Image via RIP Robin Williams you brilliant fool.

I know for many it’s old news but here on the home front it’s just sinking in that the Icon of Comedy and Sultan of Drama is gone, and from a cause that hits so close to home. As someone who suffers from Bi-Polar a form of manic chemical depression I can relate to the dark mood lows and the energetic and…

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— 1 month ago
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First Post

This is a placeholder so design can see where a post would go.

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— 1 month ago

Installing a WordPress Blog

SFI Team Training – Installing a Wordpress Blog To get the ball rolling on our training series for promotion of the TripleClicks program and individual Vendor called ECA or E-commerce Associates, offered products, We have to first focus on building your website or blog.

— 1 month ago
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Writing A Blog For Money

Writing A Blog For Money

Writing a blog for money is the dream of millions of people online.

Turning our passions into text or video and getting paid to do it is a excellent idea. Imagine, turning short blog post or in depth articles into a full time income from the comfort of your best office chair or couch. Writing a blog for money is the easy part, you just find what you like to talk about, and write down what you…

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— 1 month ago
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SFI Team Newsletter 15, July.

SFI Team Newsletter 15, July.

In this weeks network marketing newsletter I am hoping to accomplish a number of things.

The first thing that is on my focus is to get a number of you who have either given up or taken a break to wake up and take charge of your online home business. To do that I need to make sure you have the right mindset and that is the mind of an Entrepreneur and not that of an Employee.

A Hand Up in Network Marketing

Network Marketing…

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— 2 months ago
Is Recruiting College Students Good for Home Business?

Is Recruiting College Students Good for Home Business?

College students are a great market for SFI and other Home Business Opportunities.

Fact is most college students do not have full ride scholarships or wealthy parents paying the student’s way through. In fact 8 in 10 college students are there on student loans and most have to work full or part time jobs to pay for housing and meals, text books etc..

College students are a great market for SFI.  Fact is most college students do not have full ride scholarships or wealthy parents paying the student's way through. In fact 8 in 10 college students are there on student loans and most have to work full or part time jobs to pay for housing and meals, text books etc..  College Students have items to sell like last year's used text books and are often the aspiring artist who need room to generate new creations so helping them sell their current art works and crafts can be a blessing. For these approaches the Yard Sale Online banners or Sell Your Stuff flyers make a great handout at off campus gatherings etc..  Someone mentioned college newspapers and I would add that air time on student run radio stations is usually quite affordable as well.  Promoting the business opportunity at SFI is beneficial because those starving students would love more money and more time to enjoy campus life. The more dollars they can make in a few minutes a day the more time to study, to take in concerts, to gather with friends, and otherwise enrich their lives with the very things that build master networkers.  The college social setting is even better than social media for spreading influence and launching ideas that break from the bounds of what is into the realm of what's possible. Facebook is one of hundreds of billion dollar companies founded while in college.  Some of the Internet's top marketers made their first millions while in college.  I happen to have taken training from several of them including one who is a SFI member who joined the same day I did two years ago. He's making over 10 million a year now and still saw the opportunity to drive some of his valuable followers into SFI.  These are business majors, and marketing students, web designers looking to monetize student blogs and fledgling e-magazines, and even campus activist looking to fund their causes or raise money for charity.  Reaching them is best done in the places where they are most engaged. That capus news source, the student aid building's jobs boards, sponsoring outdoor events, frat house information boards and mail boxes. As well as local papers and classifieds ads for offline marketing. Online Facebook's paid ads can laser target to students as can Google Adwords and Bing Ads. Pay per click is not as expensive as everyone makes it out to be, you just have to do your research instead of trying to advertise where everyone else is. I have personally made money using PPC ads like these more often than I have lost money using them.  The big thing is do what you do to attract these students diligently. Don't try to be a 1 hit wonder, advertise often because you don't know when a new super star may finally tune in to where your ads are at. Expect any marketing to take time to take hold and really gain momentum, and be available to personally follow up with those who are interested in starting their home business.
College Students have items to sell like…

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— 2 months ago
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Recruiting the wrong people?

Recruiting the wrong people?

Why do we spend our energy seeking the worst possible prospects and then wonder why we fail?

Does your advertisement read like the one below?

Earn Money From Home
No sponsoring, no recruiting, do it in minutes a day,
and it’s yours for free!

These ads are everywhere, and have become the standard come-on line to get hundreds of people to join your home businessand who wouldn’t? I mean I can do…

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— 2 months ago
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A Poem for My Daddy

A Poem for My Daddy

A Poem for My Daddy

My daddy was smart enough to marry my mom.
My daddy was hard working and he gave us a happy home.
My daddy was stern enough that from trouble we would stray.
My daddy was tough enough to keep the wolves at bay.
My daddy had faith enough to teach us of a kind and loving God.
My daddy was man enough to show us all his love.
My daddy was strong enough to build a life that’s grand.

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— 3 months ago
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